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  • Female, 25 years old
  • Stati Uniti d’America
  • Favorite TV Show: M*A*S*H*
    Favorite Movie: Hunchback Of Notre Dame/Aladdin
    Favorite Book or Author: Alice in Wonderland/through the Looking Glass
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ShadowSorceress ha detto riguardo a Pitch
Pitch is defiantly the best for Dreamworks movie villains. I mean come on, he's the essence of darkness, he's the unrest in our usually peaceful sleep, he's the reason a lot of kids are afraid of what lurks in their closet o under their bed. He deals nightmares like some people deal drugs, he knows everyone's fears and can make those fears reality and use them against you. He has a huge herd of nightmare cavalli and has made almost every child in the world stop believing! He is the best villain. postato più di un anno fa
Tallulah1 commentato…
Hehe... yeah, like drug dealers... nice.... er... simile. That will definitely make the Guardians accept Pitch more. più di un anno fa
ShadowSorceress ha detto riguardo a Hotel Transylvania
I watched this movie yesterday with a friend of mine. It was a Monday afternoon, and we watched it in the mall, we were the only two in the theater, so we could be as loud as we wanted, and we saw it in 3D at that! :D Mavis was adorable, and so freaking cute at a bat. Dracula was awesome. All the other monsters were hilarious, and I have no respect for Johny. (Twilight te know?) The movie was awesome! postato più di un anno fa
Pitrocks14 commentato…
SHE IS NOT CUTE! più di un anno fa
pinkarray commentato…
SHUT UP! I'm so sick of te spreading your hate for that film. più di un anno fa
pinkarray commentato…
Mavis is cute... VERY CUTE, and i think something is wrong with you. WHO WOULD DO MAVIS IS UGLY, HUH? WHO WOULD NOT BE INTERESTED IN HER STYLE, HER LOOKS, AND SHE'S A VERY COOL CHARACTERS? Besides, the film is not about Mary-Kate and Ashley. più di un anno fa
maddiegirls456 commentato…
loved the movie it was hilarious! più di un anno fa
ShadowSorceress ha detto riguardo a M*A*S*H*
Such a shame we Lost Harry Morgan. postato più di un anno fa