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User20392 detto …
Thought of the day
I'm really considering making a new account o simply deleting this one...
Making a new account obstacle #1: username.
Obstacle #2: being on fanpop isn't what it used to be.
Obstacle #3: not wanting to lose good old memories, props, caps, icons, contributions, medals... I spent time on them and deleting them will make it all più useless than anything.
Certainly something to think about....
postato più di un anno fa
User20392 commentato…
But isn't starting over sometimes a good thing? più di un anno fa
User20392 commentato…
I'm deleting pretty much all the posts on my bacheca for certain reasons. Just in case anyone reads this, I'll never forget the nice times I had here on Fanpop. I really miss them... più di un anno fa
User20392 commentato…
I'm not sure whether to cancella my account o just leaving it unactive. Either way, if anyone steals my fanart I will find them. I feel the need to protect my creations from evil thieves!! D:< più di un anno fa
User20392 ha detto riguardo a Harold fringuello
I hope everyone likes the new banner and icon!
It still looks a little like my older banners for this spot but hopefully at least most people will like it. :) postato più di un anno fa
Lesly1133 commentato…
Both look great :D più di un anno fa
User20392 commentato…
Thanks a lot!! :D più di un anno fa
Xara333 mi ha dato omaggio per my images
Thanks for adding back!!I have to say that I Amore your icona as I started watching Person a week fa and I find it great!!! postato più di un anno fa