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Hi!!!How are you??I Amore your pic!!! postato più di un anno fa
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Please add my Caskett my club:


Thank U Dear <3 postato più di un anno fa
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Amore Ur icona <3 postato più di un anno fa
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Haven fan plz read my new articolo & commento plz thanks here’s a link:
link postato più di un anno fa
scrubby21 detto …
ciao guess what? i just finished Leggere Heat Rises and it was awesome!! it might have even been better than Naked Heat but it's hard to say since i haven't read it in awhile. hopefully you'll get to read the awesomeness too, soon! postato più di un anno fa
Zipa commentato…
I received the book two days ago, I'm going to start it very soon più di un anno fa
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smile19 detto …
I made an Astrid Farnsworth and Walter Bishop spot if te want to unisciti link postato più di un anno fa
Zipa commentato…
thanks i joined :) più di un anno fa
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The New spot look is really beautiful. thank te postato più di un anno fa
clm-anomaly commentato…
agreed. so gorgeous! <3 più di un anno fa
scrubby21 detto …
how in the hell did te see that? so now us fan have to try and figure out where she is i guess. it looks like she was just running, she's in some abandoned warehouse somewhere and it looks like someone is behind her. so i'm going to guess that it's Observer Peter chasing her trying to explain things and she's stopped running so she can listen. so is there something like this in the first teaser as well?
BTW Vagenda Box, OMG! total epicness! also, where did te get the cow pic? it's awesome! postato più di un anno fa
Zipa commentato…
lmao thanks fringies on tumblr for this xp All I see in this berretto, tappo is Olivia without ponytail and GOSH this is great! After I don't know maybe she is walking in the strada, via I have no idea In the first teaser there was nothing, just old clips from the prvious season. Yeah vagenda Box because I Amore vagendas xD and the cow pic I googled "Walter's Sweet Shoppe" più di un anno fa
scrubby21 commentato…
okay, thanks for the pic info. i think i've found my new background =) più di un anno fa
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I don't know who owns this club but I think it could be great to change the icona postato più di un anno fa
misanthrope86 commentato…
We changed it fairly recently... If te have suggestions, just add them to the forum. più di un anno fa
backtoblack commentato…
i agreee we definitely need a change più di un anno fa
misanthrope86 commentato…
forum is there, feel free to add suggestions. più di un anno fa
misanthrope86 commentato…
Do te guys have any icona o banner suggestions? più di un anno fa
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dude te icona is made of evrything awesome!♥ postato più di un anno fa
Zipa commentato…
IKR! I can't stop staring at it. PURE JOSH PORN ! più di un anno fa