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allbigbangisdog ha detto riguardo a Eminem
Eminem is not cool Eminem is not a dog he would be cool if he was a dog postato più di un anno fa
shimi commentato…
WTF...????????? più di un anno fa
shimi commentato…
dog seriously...?? -_- più di un anno fa
Leigha1313 commentato…
WTF HOW CAN U SAY THAT GO U HATER più di un anno fa
tabarakxomattyb commentato…
ur amazing lstening to Eminem everyday and mattyb of course più di un anno fa
allbigbangisdog ha detto riguardo a Super Junior
i would like K-pop più if it was Cani postato più di un anno fa
Soul_Dragneel commentato…
What??? più di un anno fa
Soul_Dragneel commentato…
Can te not post something that is stupid and dumb on the awesome Super Junior club, please? Thank you! più di un anno fa
Gretulee commentato…
te sound funny XD even your username is just lol I think te are about 8~9 years old XD even if te are older, your intellect are that age XD più di un anno fa
allbigbangisdog ha detto riguardo a Korean Pop
i Amore dogs!!! K-pop is not for dogs!!! because Cani are cool but K-pop is not!!! postato più di un anno fa