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amzel ha detto riguardo a random
It's really cool to see a lot of te all are still on here. postato ·10 mesi fa
BlindBandit92 commentato…
ciao amzel wb ·10 mesi fa
zanhar1 commentato…
fanpop is still pretty lit. da lit I mean, like, the fuoco is this tiny candle that is burning out but we keep trying to relight it and somehow it's working even though the flame is ready to die. ·10 mesi fa
Riku114 commentato…
I might have seen te but I doubt XD Might have been just a bit before my time period on fanpop it seems. Anyways, nice to meet te XD ·10 mesi fa
amzel ha detto riguardo a random
poulamikundu commentato…
;) più di un anno fa
*looks around*
*aggressively inhales*
*leaves* postato più di un anno fa