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Is there going to be più episodes of Lost girl

1 answer | my answer: Lost Girl has ended, so no, but this is the spot fo...
Harry Potter

Whose death was the saddest according to you?

35 answers | my answer: Well, my preferito characters in HP were Bellatrix a...
Harry Potter

In which movie did Dan look the best?

18 answers | my answer: 4th ;)
Harry Potter

What houses do te think the successivo Generation were Sorted into? (Your opinion)

40 answers | my answer: James - Gryffindor Albus - Slytherin Lily - Slyth...
Harry Potter

Say something bad about your preferito HP character and something good about your least favorite.

13 answers | my answer: Ginny - She is, in the libri at least, funny, Ribelle - The Brave...
Harry Potter

who would te snog / marry / avoid and why???

22 answers | my answer: Snog Bellatrix -- I Amore her and she hella attracti...
Harry Potter

Can houses have stereotypes?

3 answers | my answer: The housing system itself is kind of based around s...
Harry Potter

who do u think harry is good with ginny

10 answers | my answer: Luna x Harry is my OTP. <33
Harry Potter

Who is your favourite Harry Potter Character? Mine is Harry ✌

12 answers | my answer: 1; bellatrix 2; luna 3; ron 4; Tonks 5; draco
Harry Potter

Whose death scene bring tears in your eyes?

7 answers | my answer: In the movies, Cedric. In the books, either Regu...