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casperc ha detto riguardo a i film di Barbie
Noob domanda comming up: How can I add a link? postato più di un anno fa
sparkletoes commentato…
Don't worry..I will teach you...Go to Barbie Film links.(which is just above the wall)..and click on add links..Then copy and paste your link in there, click post and you're done!!!! più di un anno fa
casperc commentato…
I can't see any "add links" link o button. più di un anno fa
MelodyLaurel commentato…
Well that's certainly strange. As far as I know, all registered users can add links (I know that because there have been people who create multiple accounts just to spam the spots with irrelevant links). Hope it works out for te eventually, though. più di un anno fa
casperc ha detto riguardo a i film di Barbie
Hello everyone. Signed up some time ago, but never really got a chance to say "Hi" ^^ postato più di un anno fa
CleoCorinne commentato…
Hi! Welcome to the Barbie Film spot! più di un anno fa
casperc commentato…
Hi Cleorinne, thanks for the welcome :) più di un anno fa
casperc commentato…
thank te Lena. più di un anno fa