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Peng-yoo-inH8R detto …
hello, Peng-yoo-in! postato più di un anno fa
Dracofiredragon detto …
sir,can te add me please??
coz its really a honor can added da you.
anyway,whats you're Facebook name? postato più di un anno fa
TheRatKing1 detto …
totally did NOT expect to see te back :). been a long time, hasn't it :P ? postato più di un anno fa
coSkipper commentato…
Too long. I might just quit fanpop all together. The zoo overlords aren't doing me any favors. più di un anno fa
Rainshadow999 commentato…
No! Please don't leave! We finally figured out Chatzy…or I just don't want te to leave and if te leave you'll likely feel guilty because I didn't want te to leave but te did…I need to stop confusing myself. più di un anno fa
TheRatKing1 commentato…
don't leave! più di un anno fa