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delenadarti ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
Awww finally postato più di un anno fa
courtneykutie commentato…
IKR!!!! perfect ending! più di un anno fa
delenadarti ha detto riguardo a Ian Somerhalder e Nina Dobrev
My friend broke the news to me two hours fa in middle of class...I feel sick postato più di un anno fa
ChocoCatNi commentato…
Its okay, you're not alone. I feel sick too, like I'm going to throw up any second. WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN :( più di un anno fa
big smile
delenadarti ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
OMG guys, I just saw the episode and I think I'm going to die from all the feels... postato più di un anno fa
Martym mi ha dato omaggio per my articles
Happy Anniversary, July! Amore te a lot ! <3 postato più di un anno fa
delenadarti ha detto riguardo a Blair & Chuck
This is it guys... postato più di un anno fa
laurik2007 commentato…
yes it is <3 più di un anno fa
delenadarti ha detto riguardo a Blair & Chuck
I'll miss my bambini so much, but i'm glad the show's ending successivo week, it's just not good anymore. Finally Chuck and Blair wil be happy...=D postato più di un anno fa
Angelwriter commentato…
I'll secondo that. It's time. I'm sad but then again I'm not. Chair looks like they're going to get their happy ending. It's what we've been waiting for for six seasons. più di un anno fa
delenadarti ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
My faith in Damon and Elena has come back after last episode, but only that because my Amore for them never went away, i was just confused and as te guys say, i can't give up, epecially now that our ship is canon. postato più di un anno fa
CHOCOLADE commentato…
To quote JP : " Don't lose hope Delena fans, Never lose hope!" più di un anno fa
loveofdelena commentato…
oh, believe me. I DON'T INTEND TOO!!! and im sure we'll be okay, in the longrun, because lets face it, if their is one thing that delena is good at, IT'S OVERCOMING EVERYTHING THAT STANDS IN THEIR PATH!!!! long live DE fwt!!! più di un anno fa
delenadarti ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
After last episode i don't know if i can say i'm a DE shipper anymore, the sex was cheap, she didn't say she loved him and now she's sired to him? Congrats Julie Plec, you've finally make me belive that Damon and Elena are all about lust... postato più di un anno fa
MariLena16 commentato…
Be optimistic!! Julie detto that DE have hope più than ever. And that this sire doesn;t affect emotions and Amore and sex. So the sex had nothing to do with the sire. più di un anno fa
Manonx commentato…
Damon is indeed easy when it comes to Elena, but come on! He's loved her for so long, always holding back his feelings... can te really blame him for not backing away? I personally thought the scene was sexy, beautiful and passionate.. these two characters have been holding back there emotions for way too long, and now they finally gave in. What else did te expect? :) più di un anno fa
Manonx commentato…
I hope te realise that her Amore for him aren't there because of the sire bond, they were there WAY before that, as a human even. I hope te won't give up on Delena, not now :) più di un anno fa
delenadarti ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
is it true that Elena's going to have sex with Damon in tonight's episode?!
Please tell me that's not happening...I will be really sad and angry if it does postato più di un anno fa
iandamon2558 commentato…
thats what the promo looks like it would happen. im not too happy about it either. but im going to wait and watch the episode before i really decide più di un anno fa
Thana01 commentato…
I'm with iandamon2558 più di un anno fa
loveofdelena commentato…
if it does, my guess is that something will happen to stop it, o either damonor elena won't be able to go through with it. più di un anno fa
zaynmalik523 commentato…
they make the most cutest couple ever just my opinion più di un anno fa
bright_angel mi ha dato omaggio per my articles
A omaggio for your very good review in Take Me home album of our boys! <3 postato più di un anno fa