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drama coreani

Wat is ur preferito korean drama so far?

19 answers | my answer: you're beautiful
drama coreani

What was the first korean drama which u watched?

34 answers | my answer: you're beautiful!!
Miley Cyrus

Post The Presttiest Picture Of Miley In Her Musica Video "When I Look At You"

10 answers | my answer: mine!
After School

Why Jooyeon got the less voice in their song?

3 answers | my answer: I'm not saying this because i dislike her i actuall...
After School

Who is the prettiest member?

12 answers | my answer: UEE<3
After School

After School Bias List!

3 answers | my answer: 1. Uee 2. Nana 3. Jooyeon 4. JungAh 5. E-you...
Girl’s Generation/SNSD

post superiore, in alto 5 members that u really like @ love... gomawo

44 answers | my answer: 1)Yuri 2)jessica 3)Seo Hyun 4)Tiffany 5)Tae Ye...
Girl’s Generation/SNSD

Tell me your superiore, in alto three song u like!!!!

34 answers | my answer: 1. run devil run 2. Genie 3. The Boys
Girl’s Generation/SNSD

(CONTEST)post yr fave member in yellow

36 answers | my answer: YUri
Girl’s Generation/SNSD

Girls Generation Popularity Contest Round Two

28 answers | my answer: 1)Yuri 2)Seohyun