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emmera_01 ha detto riguardo a Ian Somerhalder e Nina Dobrev
So it looks like they are in LA together ATM. Anyone else have any news/sightings? On another note... nearly 11,000 fans! Nian are officially the most popolare non-fiction couple on fanpop : ) postato più di un anno fa
delenafan91 commentato…
yeah nina wrote something about a wedding xD that´s a sign xD maybe we´ll see some pics xD più di un anno fa
emmera_01 ha detto riguardo a Ian Somerhalder e Nina Dobrev
Finally something for us Nian fan from Ian's live YapTV stream from his dressing room in Atlanta:

Nina: Are te live?
Ian: Yep, I am.
Nina: I would baciare te but I don't wanna do it in front of the world.
Ian: Nope. Nope.

Its at around 1:22:20 postato più di un anno fa
emmera_01 commentato…
da the way, Ian killed it during this live stream discussion with many powerful and knowledgable people. If te have time I strongly suggests te watch the whole thing because they discuss some really important issues. più di un anno fa
nian13 commentato…
i basically just exploded! più di un anno fa
loveofdelena commentato…
AWWW!!!! so adorable are they!!! OMG!!! sooooo CUTE!!! AT ALST, AFTER SO LONG WITHOUT ANY NEWS, WE GET THIS!!! MY BEAUTIFUL BABIES, ARE BACK!! LUV te 4EVA NIAN!!!! più di un anno fa
emmera_01 ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
So I feel really used right now. The ratings for last nights episode were up because the producers and writers lied to us all and told us it was going to be THE Delena episode of the series so far. That was the only reason they did it and it worked. Little note to the writers though, te can only use and abuse a loyal fanbase (in this case Delena) for so long before they just get sick of being manipulated and refuse to play the game anymore. postato più di un anno fa
_Ms_Reneta_ commentato…
agree più di un anno fa
bdavis98 commentato…
Well honey they have been using us since S1, it's just episode finally proved it più di un anno fa
loveofdelena commentato…
amen!! stelena has nothing on our amazing ship, and it never will. and they know this, so they are trying everything to make it even. lol POOR THINGS, DON'T THEY KNOW THAT IT'S NEVER GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! più di un anno fa