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Harry Potter

Guess My Favourite Male HP Character And Win 2 Props!

9 answers | my answer: harry potter
Harry Potter

can u unisciti this?

12 answers | my answer: ya! sure.
Harry Potter

*round 2 nominations* Who here is the biggest Hermione fan?

9 answers | my answer: i nominate kaka99. she is really the biggest fan of...
Harry Potter

Who is the biggest fan of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

4 answers | my answer: 4 me i think itz kaka99!!!!!!!!
Harry Potter

My teacher won't let my class read Harry Potter because in her eyes it's "Murderous and Evil". Your thoughts?

20 answers | my answer: neglect ur teacher's comment!!! itz really not lik...

when did te start to drink IT?

12 answers | my answer: i've started whn i was 10. it kicks away my tiredne...

Happy new anno Anime people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

11 answers | my answer: happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!! rocking pic.

From which country are you?

117 answers | my answer: i'm from bangladesh.itz small but beautiful!!!!

If te were Fanpop's maker,what would te change its system?(I quite hate the current system,it's a bit like Facebook)

4 answers | my answer: i hate the current system too.......itz almost like...

who was più fun during their pregnancy??

3 answers | my answer: Rachel, i think. especially when the delivery delay...