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evelynep ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
I can't believe how much I voted da myself.
383001 voti now...Come on guys! We can still win! :) postato più di un anno fa
chelle11 commentato…
I lnow I have been voting my culo off since 2pm EST . Its almost 7pm più di un anno fa
evelynep commentato…
OK. I am glad though, it may seem I am the only one voting...Thank te vor voting as well! più di un anno fa
evelynep commentato…
Cool, now I see you're voting! Great! più di un anno fa
chelle11 commentato…
Yes I have been voting. I stopped to eat something. Thank u as well più di un anno fa
evelynep ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
I just re-watched episode 7 of season 2 and it is another Elena & Matt scene with a a very special meaning:
"You and Stefan will work it out." - Matt
"I don't think so, Matt. There is so much about me and Stefan that will never work." - Elena

postato più di un anno fa
danibat1 commentato…
MIND.BLOWN. più di un anno fa
loveofdelena commentato…
OMG!! AMAZING!! più di un anno fa
chelle11 commentato…
Even Elena knows that relationship is doomed lol più di un anno fa
iandamonfan commentato…
She had just learned that Stefan was a vampire, she wasn't sure how they would work things out and she couldn't say "I don't know Matt, we're different, he's a vampire ya know" più di un anno fa