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ImaScrubbyScrub mi ha dato omaggio per my articles
I'm so sorry for being late, but regardless: Happy belated birthday <3 postato ·13 ore fa
flightFlora ha detto riguardo a flightFlora
Life doesn't stop for anybody even if te stop dreaming
Even if te don't belive yourself
Even if te leave your Friends
Even if your parents are sad from te
Time goes on no matter what
Still te are like "it's OK :)" it's life uh
♡♡ postato un giorno fa
FalliNgSparks commentato…
Khair khu de sa chal osho? un giorno fa
flightFlora commentato…
@sparks I've been noticing life .. my life others life -_0 ·7 ore fa
GDragon612 mi ha dato omaggio per my answers
tghen we make it on other way
I give ya my Club and tghen te see it ist the first poll
thanks<3 postato ·3 giorni fa