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hajile ha detto riguardo a Elijah
Elijah detto "You can not beat me." He's matter how many times te try te can't beat him..he has più lives than a cat..this badass, sexy, ripping-hearts-out-with-two-hands, staking-you-with-a-pencil, wearing-suits-like-no-other-guy-can, sipping-coffee-like-a-gentleman, behind-on-the-times-but-knows-the-term-OMFG kind of guy will always be back!CAUSE HE CAN NOT BE DEFEATED.

postato più di un anno fa
hajile commentato…
I just copied from one of the forum cause this make me laugh.Hope this brighten your giorno too despite Elijah being killed again. più di un anno fa
lilyZ commentato…
that's really nice :) thanks for support <3 più di un anno fa