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I need some risposte on how I feel.

4 answers | my answer: I'm 17 and became born again about a anno and a hal...

Does every Christian on this spot have a problem with swearing?

20 answers | my answer: I'm 17 and I don't think it is right for christians...
One albero collina

Does anybody know if Chad and Hilarie are back for this season?

1 answer | my answer: I've read a few interviews that have detto it's kind...
One albero collina

RANDOM: i was wondering what program du te guys use to make banners & icon? ;-D

2 answers | my answer: te can use any foto editing software. I'm cheap a...
One albero collina

Possible Spoiler Alert:Has anybody heard any recente news about the rumor that Naley will get a divorce successivo season? Is it true?

2 answers | my answer: I head that Haley is letting Dan stay with them and...

I'm Scrivere a story for fictionpress and I need a name for this adorable little girl and I can't think of a good one. Any ideas?

11 answers | my answer: Madison Emma Grace Destiny Riley PS, I can't...

WHAT would U do ,If LOvE Turns into MONOTONOUS activity?

2 answers | my answer: Do something to spice things up, anything, just do...

What song best describes your current Amore situation?

30 answers | my answer: Mean da Taylor veloce, swift descibes my current relationsh...
Taylor veloce, swift

what's your superiore, in alto 3 songs of taylor swift?

85 answers | my answer: Picture To Brun Our Song Mean
Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus picture contest ( deadline 23 nov )

13 answers | my answer: Miley looks so pretty in this photo:)