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yours-forever mi ha dato omaggio per my images
o.o i realized that we're so rapped up in each other
and talking and texting each that
we forgot all about this website and everyone
right along with it
is that mean? naww its mot
i think...maybe it is but
i some what dont actually care.....o.o.... postato più di un anno fa
yours-forever commentato…
*each other più di un anno fa
big smile
xXxvexinaxXx mi ha dato omaggio per my images
MATT te PROSTITUTE!!!! HOW te GONNA GO CALL YOUR BOYFRIEND BUT te AINT GONNA CALL YOUR BEST FUCKING FRIEND? I THOUGHT WE WERE BUBBLE BUDDIES FOR LIFE?!?!?! but i guess it was all a lie.......matt......im leaving you...im sorry i just cant do this anymore te mean nothing to me -cries- i......i thought te loved me i thought we shared something special? te remember that night where we layed in your letto together and detto romantic things to each other things like ZOMBIES!!!! lol JK BRO BUT CALL postato più di un anno fa
yours-forever mi ha dato omaggio per my answers
te better have called me
o I would have sent te più shouty messages
Um....um....ok yes I have an obssession with your voice
Who would'nt ?!?
Its soooo sexy I fell innlove with te accent
I couldnt help myself ;) postato più di un anno fa