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Seanthehedgehog mi ha dato omaggio per my videos
ciao Phil. You're probably never coming back here again, and therefore won't see this, but I miss you. We all do. Though I'm retired from the MLP fandom, I'd really like to hear from te again. I'm sure I'm not the only one. If te see this, post something on my wall. Anything. It doesn't have to be much, just say hi, o make a line of periods if te want, just say something. If you're truly done with fanpop, take care. I'll never forget all those good times we had doing those roleplays together. postato più di un anno fa
Seanthehedgehog mi ha dato omaggio per my videos
I started another Grand Theft Ponies roleplay on Jade's club. unisciti it when te get the chance. postato più di un anno fa
ciao guys I'm back. I'll try and be più active again. Anything I missed? postato più di un anno fa
Seanthehedgehog commentato…
I gave te a omaggio two weeks ago. più di un anno fa
izfankirby commentato…
Oh yeah, thanks più di un anno fa
Windwakerguy430 commentato…
Well, I'm working on a new parody series after the success of my Death Note parody. più information can be seen on my domanda I asked più di un anno fa
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Hey, welcome back. When te return, I made another Grand Theft Ponies roleplay on NocturnalMirage's club. If you're interested, you're always welcome to join. postato più di un anno fa
izfankirby commentato…
Could I still unisciti this late(I'm not sure what is going on)? più di un anno fa
Seanthehedgehog commentato…
Yeah, te take your time, and when you're ready, post a reply. più di un anno fa
izfankirby detto …
Sorry guys for my absence I've had a lot of school work lately. I'll be back, but don't know when yet. postato più di un anno fa
izfankirby detto …
Imma be gone on a field trip till Sunday postato più di un anno fa
I just found out that season 5 is going to begin April 4th! postato più di un anno fa
Windwakerguy430 commentato…
Oh, thank god. I can't wait :D più di un anno fa
SkyheartPegasus commentato…
Well, attraversare, croce your fingers, I guess. più di un anno fa
CheetahGirl5147 commentato…
*runs in circles* più di un anno fa
izfankirby detto …
If anyone's sending me messages in my posta in arrivo I can't view them with fanpops format and wasn't able to for a while. postato più di un anno fa
stella2015 mi ha dato omaggio per my videos
ciao buddy can te please unisciti my best friend club please


Thank te so much <3
Have good giorno buddy~! postato più di un anno fa
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This new fanpop layout that came out a few weeks fa makes everything much più difficult, especially since I'm usually on using it mobily now. I hope it changes back soon. postato più di un anno fa