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kirihadaka ha detto riguardo a Principesse Disney
I'm happy with the DP lineup, but I wish that Mulan and Pocahontas weren't really part of it. Instead, I think it would be totally amazing if they were part of a different marketing campaign of Disney Heroines. I'd Amore to see più Meg, Esmeralda, and even Jane merchandise. It'd be too much to put them all together (shoving all the Heroines and Princess Heroines on a backpack would mean it would have to be as big as you) but equal amounts of attention would be a dream come true. postato più di un anno fa
princesslullaby commentato…
I'm totally glad Poca & Mulan are part of it otherwise they wouldn't get noticed at all più di un anno fa
Jessikaroo commentato…
Without Mulan and Poca, not only would they not get noticed, but the lineup would have an even più noticable lack of cultural diverstiy. The lineup gets a lot of flak now, can te imagine what it would be like if there was only one PoC for years until Tiana came along? più di un anno fa
kirihadaka commentato…
Nah, I'm glad they are in the lineup because, you're right, they wouldn't get recognized at all with the way things are. I'm just saying I'd Amore it if they had a bigger merchandising campaign. The great thing about Disney is how it can range in age groups. Little girls should start with things like Princess and the Frog, and then work their way up to HOND when they're older. They've started marketing adult clothes and such featuring the female villains, but I'd Amore to see heroines like I mentioned earlier, as well. Yeah, they get a lot of flack for not having diversity, but that's just because people would rather accuse than actually look up facts. Aurora is German, gelsomino is Arabian, Cenerentola is goes on and on. ^^; I'm not saying they should remove Poca and Mulan because I freaking Amore them, but it is just a dream of mine to have equal, but age-appropriate merchandising for all of the ladies of Disney. più di un anno fa
kirihadaka ha detto riguardo a Principesse Disney
I just noticed how quite a few of the ladies and gents on this fanpop page are older people. I'm in college, a think I saw that several users have kids of their own, and a few più posts from high school students.
I Amore how Disney princesses can be loved da such a broad group of people! *gushes like a sappy dork* postato più di un anno fa
Mongoose09 commentato…
I agree! =) più di un anno fa
hajirah4 commentato…
te aren't the only ones!!! That's why I came her in the first place. To see like 10 thousand people loving the DPs. più di un anno fa