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i Amore your icona <3 postato più di un anno fa
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Hiya I am trying to collect research for my dissertation on why people do o dont watch shows on The CW and The WB and I would Amore your input, if te have a spare few secondi Ive created a forum on the Televisione spot for responses:


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-For your Allison Harvard photos- postato più di un anno fa
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te hated Marissa Cooper. te deserve a prop. postato più di un anno fa
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hahah I've always thought Jasper was a creep:p
and Ty and Ethan were pretty cool;) postato più di un anno fa
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Naomi is my preferito as well<333 But I can't stand Ade:/ And I agree! Silver was so amazing in season 1! She used to be my preferito character, but now Naomi easily takes that spot. As for Annie, when the mostra first started I HATED her but then I actually started to like her, but now I can't stand her anymore. I think I only really like her when she's with Liam. postato più di un anno fa
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Is Naomi your preferito character in 90210? postato più di un anno fa