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Thanks for the add ^^ postato ·5 mesi fa
zanhar1 detto …
Thanks, yeah its a real pain in the ass.

School is always also a pain in the ass. What are the projects (if te don't mind me asking)? I've been working on my fics and original stories. That's been going well enough. I'm gonna try to get back into learning to use FL Studio to make songs.

Nice! I got myself into Voltron. Season 1 is the weakest season of Avatar; still good but the weakest imo. Tbh that flashback was great because Azula was there for like 2 seconds. She's simply fantastic. postato ·9 mesi fa
zanhar1 detto …
Shit man nice to see te stop by! I've been much better but I've been worse I'm basically recovering from a pretty bad depressive episode. How are te doing? Hopefully good!
On the plus side Within Temptation announced a new album; that's actually what brought me out of the episode.

Nice! Your duty has been fulfilled. te gotta let me know what te think of my badass bitch, Azula. postato ·9 mesi fa
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Wow... well good luck! postato più di un anno fa
kingcesar67 detto …
There is a forensic psychology?? postato più di un anno fa
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Wow! I hope te find one! What do te study if I may ask? postato più di un anno fa
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i was feeling nostalgic (& extra) and went through most of the bacheca posts on this site, and it's really put into perspective to me how poppin this club was back in the day, and it just makes me miss all those people even more. postato più di un anno fa
lovebaltor commentato…
#sad homie hours, who up più di un anno fa
lovebaltor commentato…
this club has turned into its own little time capsule & it makes me sad lmao più di un anno fa
zanhar1 commentato…
I have the drive but not the time. And all of the free time I do have is either spent at concerts o typing fics that I have become 100% più invested in. And then there were things that we probably thought were savage but were actually kinda cringey lol. più di un anno fa
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I’m good! How are you? postato più di un anno fa
kingcesar67 detto …
Salutations! postato più di un anno fa
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Hello. Thank te for the add !!!! postato più di un anno fa