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Pokemon go is so much fun! postato più di un anno fa
Shadow1997 commentato…
It sucks più di un anno fa
mrwolf27 commentato…
I respect your opinion and I'm glad te shared it più di un anno fa
Shadow1997 commentato…
And I respect yours :) più di un anno fa
mrwolf27 ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega
Come on guys this trolling isn't half as bad as wwwarea put us through postato più di un anno fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
Pffft Now that I look back on that it was pretty funny. It was pretty entertaining even when he started stalking my facebook. What a creep XD più di un anno fa
Annakian_Priest commentato…
Agreed wolf. I remember what happened like it was just yesterday. più di un anno fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
Nah. I don't stalk people, because its weird and its creepy. te literally made 30 Youtube accounts just so te could go onto the commenti section and spam my video with your BS comments. Idk why te even bother, because A. I don't have that many subs, and B. Nobody cares. XD più di un anno fa
mrwolf27 ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega
Let's keep on track with the club it's a club about a movie and should not be used to express hate to others postato più di un anno fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
Hate is what makes te stronger and what makes te better than everyone else più di un anno fa
HumphreyWolfMan commentato…
Nah, hate leads to bigotry, and idiocy. But to the first post on this thread, yep. I'm so sick of the annoying hatred. It starts fights, many even don't want it and I'm starting to see that it might be one of those "it's my opinion so it's OK!" crap. Seriously one of the only reasons why this group has problems is because some people can't stand others being happy, they force opinions against expression and/or recitazione like they are somehow "superior" when they aren't. Nobody cares, this is the internet, and people will always enjoy something different. Get over it haters. più di un anno fa