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ncxf916 ha detto riguardo a Gears of War 2
why does no-one write on this wall? postato più di un anno fa
HazelLoveRed commentato…
agreed! più di un anno fa
ncxf916 ha detto riguardo a Justin Bieber
Why do so many people like justin Bieber? Rephrase that why do so many girls like justin bieber? postato più di un anno fa
daisypie1234 commentato…
Because he is hot più di un anno fa
HazelLoveRed commentato…
he' s gay & looks like a chick . >.< , i sure as hell don' t like him . no offense to the people that do . più di un anno fa
ncxf916 ha detto riguardo a Naruto - Shippuden
Clash of ninja 3 is way too easy. postato più di un anno fa