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In Season 5, what has become of Bernard and Rose?

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Le Cronache del ghiaccio e del fuoco

Does anyone know when "A Dance With Dragons" (Book 5) will be coming out?

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Aside from the color, are there any other differences between brown eggs and white eggs?

5 answers | Best Answer: Ah one of the lifelong questions. Okay, basically w...

Why does Nathan keep allowing Peter to hug him? (thus resulting in Peter stealing Nathan's flying power)

3 answers | Best Answer: Nathan isn't aware of Peter's ability to replicate...

Does anyone remember exactly what Hana Gitelman's powers were (the wireless/cellphone girl)?

3 answers | Best Answer: According to Heroes Wiki her powers were "digital c...

I'm confused about JJ Abrams initial involvement with the show. Can somebody clarify what his role was?

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United Kingdom

What's the national (food) dish in the UK?

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Does the Operative in the movie Serenity appear at all in the TV series?

3 fans have answered this question

Is Christian Shephard (Jack's Dad) a ghost o does he have actual corporeal form on the island?

5 fans have answered this question

Why the heck did Ben do what he did to Locke in "The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham"

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