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    Favorite Book or Author: 100 of the world's dumbest crooks
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SmallFrySAYWHAT detto …
I salute you, sir. postato più di un anno fa
pinkgirlsrock detto …
Np postato più di un anno fa
pokemon-fighter ha detto riguardo a Glee
Well well welll !! te all seemed to b hating on my last commento sbout kurt and blaine ! Like get the f out u homophobes !! I am gay and I'm aware that ppl like the same sex !! I do too and blaine just seems to suck because of his sexuality !!!! Who goes around being gay ! Like nooo stop wearing ur gay blazers and like NO. Kurt is a great guy ! Me and him were riding our unicorni in the gay rainbows today !! We were talking about our gay lives and I think that its okay to b gay !! But blaine postato più di un anno fa
pokemon-fighter commentato…
just can't be that's not okay! santana and brittany need some doorknobs to get out of the closet !!! like what a failure !! my idol is jerry falwell !!!! ii loove him he has funny jokes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but ya I am soo happy jerry falwell is not with us anymore ( dead) because he was offending me like don't be mean to the gays that's not good I hate him ! I think I made my point più di un anno fa
cropper commentato…
what is ur problem? get off here! Kurt is my man and he doesn't need messing around da haters like u! più di un anno fa
ForsakenMoon19 commentato…
Exactly @pokemon-fighter go troll somewhere else and leave Kurt the hell alone!! più di un anno fa
imteamedward commentato…
leave him alone if he wants to say what he wants he can not up 2 u remember just cuss u have ur head stuck so far up ur culo dont mean u r the rulers of things and btw he can speak his own mind!!>:( più di un anno fa