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lorastefens mi ha dato omaggio per my comments
Forgot to mention did te know Chad has opened a Twitter?Open one, it would be fun. postato più di un anno fa
lorastefens commentato…
Lucy here's linkChad's twitter ac. più di un anno fa
lorastefens mi ha dato omaggio per my comments
Dude, There was a serious war happened btw BL and LP in FP, not new for BL , LP fans, I know but it's nasty than we have faced in You-tube, and forgot to mention Anna is rocking my world now, te are right, she is the man.You have joined FP for such a sort time and still te are hating FP.Okay open a twitter, here's my account link , Missing you. postato più di un anno fa
poursomesuger ha detto riguardo a Meryl Streep
I Amore her, watching the "Devil wears Prada" again, She was so amazing in it. postato più di un anno fa