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Kat, I know I detto this before several times, but I'll say it again and so I'll always keep on doing...!!! WE MISS U SO DAMN MUCH!!!!! WHERE THE HECK ARE U??? Seriously, look at ur motto! I really does take FOREVER to say Goodbye but NEVER ONCE if u never get to do it!! I at least just want to tell u that Kyara and I really really really really really REALLY DO miss u più than u can ever imagine! Realise we're still Scrivere to u?? Because we can't forget about u! SO COME ON IN!!!! postato più di un anno fa
ElafTalebHEJ commentato…
Please, come on in Kat! Even if just for a little while...! Please! </3 più di un anno fa
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KAT!!! KAT!!! SPEAK TO ME!!! C'MON JUST COME ONLINE AND TELL US WHY te LEFT!!! WAAAAAAAAA!!! te could of at least told you!!! we all Amore you!!!! :''''''( postato più di un anno fa
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♥♥♥♥♥♥ postato più di un anno fa