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DoNotTrak detto …
nice profilo postato più di un anno fa
twinflamezDE ha detto riguardo a Damon & Elena
Wait, why is everyone so sure that Damon and Elena are going to break up? There have been spoilers that they will hit normal relationship obstacles and fight, aka what they do all the time! Obviously there will be angst, but I think if they do actually break up it wouldn't be that soon, and it would only be for a few episodes and with reason. We have no idea how the season is going to play out, but from what it sounds like, they are going to be the beautiful power couple we knew they could be! postato più di un anno fa
loveofdelena commentato…
yeah, delena fight all the time, but they NEVER stop loving eachother! EVER!!! whatever is thrown at them, they will survive it!! più di un anno fa
Can we please stop posting random culo things in the pictures section? I always get so excited and then it's a picture of selena gomez o a random human being I've never seen before in my life! We should only post Ian & Nina pictures!!! :) postato più di un anno fa
rosmontero commentato…
please!!!!!!!!!!!! più di un anno fa
loveofdelena commentato…
exactly! it's so bloody annoying!! più di un anno fa