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Lusamine mi ha dato omaggio per my comments
LOVING THE JISOO postato ·14 ore fa
Lusamine commentato…
She is legit so fucking close to wrecking the princess but I just can't ;; ·14 ore fa
twinklestar11 ha detto riguardo a random
fanpop is getting less active and più boring.... I rlly want
To leave but im worried bout losing my friends. postato un giorno fa
Blaze1213IsBack commentato…
Hmm it does feel that way sometimes not gonna lie. un giorno fa
MasterChief58 commentato…
I have some followers, but I hardly hang with em as much like my followers on other sites un giorno fa
melodybryant commentato…
me too,and also i agrre @twinklestar un’ora fa
twinklestar11 ha detto riguardo a random
Welp turns out im not seeing the lion king after all....
My sister did invite me to see it with her abd her bf and
Then just now she tells me she wants it to be just her
And him. Oh well. postato un giorno fa
melodybryant commentato…
i sorry...i have not seen yet either un giorno fa
BlindBandit92 commentato…
Your sister is a bit of an asshole tbh un giorno fa
CokeTheUmbreon commentato…
@twink That's wrong... ·10 ore fa