Romeo e Giulietta di Franco Zeffirelli 1968 Romeo & Juliet film versions. Which is the Best??

JulietAtHeart posted on Jun 09, 2011 at 02:32AM
Hello Friends and Fans of Shakespeare's epic Love Story of "Romeo & Juliet!"

I'm here to start a Topic of this subject.

First of all, have you seen any of the "Romeo & Juliet" films that are out there? I believe there are only three of them. One from the 1950's, another from 1968, and the final one, from 1996.

I would like to know if any of you have seen any of these versions, or if you have seen them all. If you've seen only one version, please reply and tell us which version you watched, and if you liked it, what made it special to you? AND if you plan to watch any other of the versions in the future?

If you have seen two of the versions, or all three, please tell us which version was your favorite, and why? Also, what made one version better than the rest?

For me, I have seen two versions; the 1968 & 1996 version; and let me tell you this, IF you want to stay close to the story and theme of what Shakespeare had written of "Romeo & Juliet," it is hands down, the 1968 version, and by FAR! I really did NOT like the 1996 version whatsoever!

Why? Because it was a "modern" viewpoint, and to me, it was just a silly, unmoving film. I wish the Director/Producer NEVER attempted this version! UGH! He took an epic love story, that is a Classic in its own right, and turned it into a circus! Now, this is MY POINT OF VIEW. I was terribly disappointed in the 1996 version, even though I did like the actors and actresses. But to me, this version was loathsome!

Why do I like the 1968 "Romeo & Juliet" film better? Because it stayed as close to Shakespeare's vision, and writing of the story. Though some dialog had to be omitted for the sake of keeping the time of the movie within reason for Theater reasons, it still stayed true to Shakespeare. I, also, LOVED ALL of the Characters and Actresses & Actors of the film!!

EXCELLENT CASTING! Director/Producer Franco Zeffirelli did a MAGNIFICENT JOB on this piece of art Film! I cannot even count, anymore, the number of times that I have watched it... it IS THAT GOOD! Or should I say SUPERB!! From the Casting, Scene Settings, to the Costumes, was OUTSTANDING! Even the Film Critics acclaimed this version to be the closest and best version to Shakespeare's story.
AND, IF you have not seen the 1968 version yet, please let me now encourage you to give it a view! I PROMISE YOU, that you WON'T be wasting your time! And I would bet, that if you have only seen the 1996 version, that once you see the 1968 version, you will then know why I LOVE it SO MUCH!! You WON'T be sorry! Or the movie rental is on me!


Thank You with mine heart!

With Blessings of Love,

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