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i am not a fan of aj cook but i am a fan of her son i am sorry for saying this to te aj cook fan i am a fan of her son not her so sorry i just joined to ask domande about her son quizs about her son thats why i really joined this fanclub and if i am geting kicked off of this fanclub i really don't care but yes i have seen aj cooks tv mostra still watching it on netflix so thats what my reason is to joining here on this page well i looked up aj cook fanculb and it poped up so sick of my life i wish sometimes i could baby-sit her son instend of talking about this but i really like this website so i am staying on here.
I found this on the Web but I couldn't add it in the links. Here's a copy of the article:

“Criminal Minds” drew 14.6 million viewers, the biggest audience Wednesday, and led CBS to victory, according to updated ratings released this afternoon.

“Minds” detto farewell to A.J. Cook, who played J.J. But what will J.J.’s departure mean to the series in the long run?

There was some good news for NBC: The series premiere of “Law & Order: Los Angeles” drew 10.6 million viewers and won the hour. CBS’ “The Defenders,” a new drama with Jim Belushi, placed secondo with 10.4 million....
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posted by suu

2010 -> Mother's Day As Vicky Rice
2008 -> Misconceptions As Miranda
2007 -> I'm Reed Fish As Theresa
2007 -> Night Skies As Lilly
2006 -> Island Heat: Vanished As Hope Carey
2005 -> Bloodsuckers As Fiona Kennedy
2002 -> Final Destination 2 As Kimberly Corman
2002 -> The House successivo Door As Lori Peterson
2001 -> Out Cold As Jenny
2001 -> Wishmaster 3: Beyond The Gates of Hell As Diana Collins
2001 -> Ripper: Letter From Hell As Molly Keller
2000 -> The Spiral Staircase As Local Girl
1999 -> Teen Sorcery As Dawn
1999 -> The Virgin Suicides As Mary...
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posted by Solsikke
Shelby Merrick

At age 14, Shelby ran away from home because of her stepfather who sexually abused her for years. Her mother was in denial, but Shelby believed that if she ran away and kept his secret, her stepfather would leave her little sister Jess alone. On the streets, Shelby became a prostitute and started using drugs. After a year, Shelby located her natural father in Los Angeles, but despite his good intentions, he could neither control his daughter nor help her with her emotional problems. Thus he made a deal with juvenile authorities that allowed her to go Horizon rather than Juvenile...
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AJ has been cast on the new movie Mother's Day.
Her character's name is Vicky Rice
Other cast includes Deborah Ann Woll, Jaime King, Briana Evigan, Alexa Vega, Shawn Ashmore, Matt O'Leary, Lyriq Bent, Lisa Marcos, Patrick Flueger, Rebecca De Mornay... and the lista goes on and on.

The horror movie is being directed da Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, Repo! the Genetic Opera), and the synopses goes like this:

The sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners and their guests.

According to bloody-disgusting filming has begun on sept. 8 2009.
AJ's presence in the movie was announced via Darren Bousman's twitter page.

Here's a pic from the new movie (AJ is on the right):
 Bousman directing Ms. Vega and Ms. Cook (from left to right)
Bousman directing Ms. Vega and Ms. Cook (from left to right)
posted by emily196
Some people might thing that aj cook sucks but I think she rocks and she is not a flat boring character like people think she is I Amore her and she should stay on criminal minds if she gets off criminal minds then I won't watch again until she comes back to stay. I wish that I could meet aj cook but I am going to be am actress so maybe I will meet her. She is a great actress and my little sister wants to be her she made up a song about aj cook and it is a very dumb song aj cook is the person who inspired me to be an actress so did all her co-stars on criminal minds that is why i want to be an actress i also have a dream of being on CSI - Scena del crimine CSI - Scena del crimine Miami CSI - Scena del crimine new york and criminal minds
posted by Kelsje
Here are some random AJ Cook quotes!!!

"I have some amazing fans! They're just so dedicated and so nice and so sweet. I'm like NO ONE and I'm just starting out and these people appreciate your work and it's nice to hear that." A.J. on her fans

"She's just her own person, doesn't care what she wears. She just is who she is. I think it's great when people mostra that they are just themselves." A.J. Cook adds, "She is so not the pop princess. She has got a totally different image." A.J. on Avril Lavigne

"There are so many neat moments captured in the film that are so true to life. I think that’s...
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