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In english:

Eurovision winner norwegian Alexander Rybak exposes in Seura- magazine that he still wouldn't betray.

- It is hard for me to say no to sex if it is on offer. Exept now: even there are 5000 girls in my concert, I can only think that one girl which one I love.

He exposes that he had earlier met some fan and sometimes he went a little bit far with them.

Rybak himselfs thinks that he hadn't abused position

- I think it is better to say that I'm     

Rybak has dated with winners of different competitions

- It is easy to be with someone who adores you.

Translated: Hanatee and pepu
Swedish lyrics

by Mats Paulson

"Din Första Kyss"

Djupt i ditt hjärta
där finns det ett rum
och jag har en nyckel ditt in.
Vart Du än far över hela vår jord
jag följer Dig i fantasin.

Den dag du ska du välja
den man du vill ha,
en tvekan jag hör i din röst.
För en hemlighet finns
som vi båda förstår.
En tanke som skänker mig tröst
Ja, en hemlighet finns
som vi båda förstår.
Den tanken känns skön i mitt bröst!

För där finns
massor av män som är bättre än jag,
som kommer till Dig med fina förslag.
Men en sak Maria, jag mins tana, den som nyss,
din första kyss.

Vart än jag far
så finns i förvar...
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Alexander Rybak: “My mottos is – a healthy lifestyle!”
- Alexander, we tell readers about organic products and their advantages in our magazine, we draw attention to a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking. We’d like to ask if te know yourself, what is organic food?

- I can guess. These are the ones, which are grown in ecologically clean conditions without using any chemicals, right? Then, of course, I know it. It is popolare thing all over the world.

- Which Cibo do te prefer?

- I Amore buns (laughs). I’m kidding, of course. Actually the main thing for me is the Cibo should be fresh....
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posted by Magda-Edward

Years ago, when i was younger,
I kinda liked a girl I knew.
She was mine and we were sweethearts;
That was then, but then it's true.


I'm in Amore with a fairytale
Even though it hurts.
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed.

Every giorno we started fighting,
Every night we fell in love.
No one else could make me sadder,
But no one else could lift me high above.

I don't know what I was doing
When suddenly we fell apart.
Nowadays I cannot find her,
But when I do we'll get a brand new start.


I'm in Amore with a fairytale
Even though it hurts.
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed.

She's a fairytale, Yeaaah !
Even though it hurts.
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed.
(AP) Alexander Rybak (24) confides to the Swedish newspaper that the parents have persuaded him not to withdraw from the "Let's Dance."

Televisione viewers witnessed was Friday that Alexander Rybak had to leave the TV studio live dance before the judges had dato their marks to him and Malin Johansson (23). Rybak told the AP later in the evening that he had to throw up, and that he had suffered from abdominal pain and vomiting for a few weeks.

Now elaborates Rybak to the Swedish Aftonbladet that there have been about psychological problems. He says he has received much medical attention, and...
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"I Ditt Sommarhus"

Lyrics: Mats Paulson

Genom ljumma gator far
man i öppna bilar.
Genom sommarnatten blå
kor och hästar vilar.
På en höjd blir luften sval,
värmen kommer i en dal
och i stugan väntar frugan
med en brasa varm och skön.
Ungarna kan inte sova,
fast de läst sin aftonbön.

- Pappa kommer, vi är vakna.
Kanske har han nå’t från sta’n!
Det är varmt så vi är nakna.
Solen brände hela da’n.
Gruset knastrar ut på plan.
- Jo, minsann, nu kommer han!
Pappa kommer med de myggor
som vill in i vårat hus.
Snart så somnar tre små ungar
under tak i månens ljus.

Månen tiger över berg,
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I'll hit the target da an Arrow of Cupid
I will reveal the secret of Amore to te

I am opening my eyes, hello!
Wings and arrows. I'm dressed.
Climbing higher than usually
I'm above the clouds.
I'm spreading my wings and slightly
having decorated the skies
I am seeing a picture on Earth:
he is going and it hurts her.
But my role in a life is
to fly and to shoot
connecting hearts.

I'll hit the target da an Arrow of Cupid
I will reveal the secret of Amore to te
I'll hitch up da an аrrow of Cupid.
Two halves at the moment will find a dawn

I want so much my Arrow
to become a boomerang for me
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Купалінка, купалінка,
Цёмная ночка,
Цёмная ночка,
А дзе ж твая дочка?

Мая дочка ў садочку
Ружу, ружу поліць,
Ружу, ружу поліць,
Белы ручкі коліць.

Кветачкі рвець, кветачкі рвець,
Вяночкі звівае,
Вяночкі звівае,
Слёзкі пралівае.

(Translation da Ellen Nl)

Kupalinka, Kupalinka
It’s dark in the night
It’s dark in the night
Where is your daughter, Kupalinka?

My daughter is in the garden
She weeds the rose
She weeds the rose
And wounds her white hands

She picks the flowers
She picks the flowers
And weaves garlands
She weaves garlands and sheds tears.
Alexander turned out to be so far from his motherland due to his father. in 1990, at the age of 36, having left his wife Nataliya with little Sasha, the father had all of a sudden decided not to return from a tour to his native Belorus. he had only a violin and a suitcase with clothes.

from another point of view Igor's decision could seem strange.He had a loving family, a loving job, a pair of rooms in a communal flat. as it is said, he lived no worse than the rest.

but in those times things on the Motherland went bad. rather good wages were reduced da inflation. In 3 years afer coming to Norway...
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Winner of 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Alexander Rybak drank Raki in Alanya for the first time and he detto he liked it.

Belarussian and norwegian artist Alexander Rybak who won the 2009 Eurovision song contest with his song Fairytale in Russia, came to Alanya to give a concerto at the celebration of the Norwegian National day. He had cena at Natalie Restuarant in Oba with his manager. Norwegian customers showed so much interst to him. They took pictres with Alexander and signed the concerto posters. Alexander and manager of Natalie Restuarant, Vali Arslan alias ‘Pilot’ drank Raki at dinner. Alexander mentioned that it’s the first time he tast it – ”It’s a drink with a little bit strong tasted, but I like it very much”.

Alexander Rybak gave a concerto in Club Biestro Bellman for Norwegian National giorno Celebration.

articolo is found here: link
posted by jana-neso
Every night I rush to my bed
With hopes that maybe I'll get a chance to see you
When I close my eyes I'm going out of my head
Lost in a FAIRYTALE, can te hold my hands and be my guide?

Clouds filled with stars cover the skies
And I hope it rains, you're the perfect lullaby
What kinda dream is this?

You could be a sweet dream o a beautiful nightmare
Either way I don't wanna wake up from you
(Turn the lights on)

Sweet dream o a beautiful nightmare
Somebody pinch me, your love's too good to be true
(Turn the lights on)

My guilty pleasure, I ain't going no where
Baby long as you're here I'll be floating on...
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posted by Wild_silk
The winner of "ESC-2009" Alexander Rybak is now improbably demanded. Especially surprises that fact that he has agreed to act on mostra "as Ukra§na ма є talent" for any 30 000 euros. But Rybak nevertheless has sung three songs on the air, and has dato press conference in one of restaurants of Kiev later.

"At te it is improbable hot", - Sasha has begun dialogue with the press . All domande were answered with Rybak in Russian, but its lexicon obviously did not suffice for full understanding of an essence of all of what from it was wanted da journalists. Comical enough situation: like all...
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Before Alexander Rybak have a signing concerto at Namsos Storsenter on Friday, he is relaxing with his family on Otterøya.

Otterøya: Since Alexander Rybak won Eurovision two years ago, he has managed to release three albums, become the national lucky charm troll, and find the way back to his musical roots.

'Do not want to be a pop star'

Fairy Tale was just a break from the classical Musica I was doing, Rybak says, when he sits in the sun and eat homemade soup. A not unknown meal for the boy from Belarus, who become a stella, star over night when he sang and played himself into the hearts of the Grand...
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Who is Alexander Rybak? Bright? Restless? Expressive? His face is a map where all the emotions can be expressed. He is torrential and gifted with a disarming truth and an even deeper musicality! Even all these are not enough to describe this 23-year musician, who won this year’s ESC with “Fairytales”.

With 387 votes, ‘‘Fairytale’’ has broken the record set da the Finnish Lordi in 2006. It captured the superiore, in alto position at download charts in Europa and Australia. It has entered the top-5 of the Radio charts of all European countries. It was proclaimed the most succesful song since the...
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In the beggining of March the winner of Eurovision song contest back in 2009, Alexander Rybak (24), showed off his new girlfriend, Maria Slyngstad.

But even though the couple is madly in Amore nowadays, the two of them doesn't get to see each other often. To Alexander Rybak says that he is traveling over 340 days a year.

The last few days Alexander Rybak have worked as a reporter for NRK under Eurovision, and Rybak admits the he misses his girlfriend alot when he's gone.

- Of course I miss her, but I'm trying to be positive. The most important for me is to have fun and do my best to...
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Alexander Rybak makes ESC-comeback in May when he makes his debut as a reporter for in Düsseldorf.

Shall follow Stella
Rybak, who two years fa won the most overwhelming Eurovision victory ever, this anno is part of the Norwegian delegation that this reporter

Rybak will thus follow Stella Mwangis tests and movements, and segnala back to Norway about life in the Eurovision Song Contest, "the Norwegian detto in a statement.

MGP-populær MGP-popular
Thus, Alexander Rybak present for the third anno in a row during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Rybak has been successful as an artist in many parts of Europa after that of ran away with the victory in the Eurovision but has been open about that success has at times been hard to tackle.
posted by Katyakoka
lør. 22. aug. GIG:NO-Grimstad m/Alexander Rybak
Tor. 27.aug GIG:NO-Haugesund m/Alexander Rybak
fre. 28. aug. GIG:NO-Tromsø m/Alexander Rybak
lør. 29. aug. EVENT:Trondheim m/Alexander Rybak
GIG:NO-Oslo Norske Talenter Bygdøy Folkemuseum
GIG:NO-Drøbak m/Alexander Rybak
Søn. 30. Aug. Promo:Stockholm m/Alexander Rybak
tor. 3. sep. EVENT:NO-Oslo, SAS Plaza Hotell Halling
fre. 4. sep. EVENT:NO-Skien m/ Alexander Rybak
lør. 5. sep. GIG:NO-Mo i Rana m/Alexander Rybak
søn. 6. sep. GIG:NO-Trysil m/Frikar
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Alexander Rybak named his dog after an American supermodel Cindy Crawford, which at that time was utterly in love.
Giant schnauzer dog breed quickly made himself at home and feel at home mostrare curiosity and independence. "When she was growing up, we shut her in her room. And I remember the giorno when we found out that she is able to open the door: Cindy ate all the chocolates "Alexander says.

Yet the most important and rightful owner of the dog is mum Natalia V. "Cindy loves her” Alexander says If she was not home for one o two months when she came back, Cindy wags its tail, indicating...
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posted by ajsa
"We've become very close"

So here we are used to seeing them: Rybak and Malin tightly entwined on the dance floor.
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Despite otrohetshånglet - now continues Malin
Johansson and Alexander Rybak...
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“Alexander Rybak: The main criteria in buying clothes are nice fabric and comfortable model”

- Alexander, does your surname create your stage clothes style? Do te create style of the smart country guy intentionally?

- I don’t get hung up on my style. The main thing is that my clothes should be comfortable; it mustn’t constrain my movements on stage.

- Do te suspect that your strongest advantage is, perhaps, a sincere smile?

- I’m quite self-critical and try to estimate myself and my activities carefully. I sincerely believe that my biggest advantage is playing the violin. And I sing...
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