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posted by sierradawn9
Satsujin had helped the spirit of Filicity, her murdered sister, sposta on into the light. Now she knew she was gonna get chewed for it da her father. And why? Well let's find out.*staring with a box of popcorn*
The hole she had been waiting for opened and she heard her father screaming. Thank the gods that Shendu and Shina weren't around.
"WILL te CALM DOWN?!"Satsujin yelled into the hole. Mauri Higashi flinched at his daughters hostile tone.
"Now, SPEAK!"she yelled. Mauri puffed up his chest.
"You sent my ONLY OBEDIANT CHILD away from me! Why?!" he demanded. Satsujin's eye twitched. She gave...
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About a week after the Imprint, Ash's parents came to visit.
The doorbell rang.
"Shit!"Ash exclaimed. She slowly opened the door and her father's nose was in the air.
"What do I smell?"he asked. Alice sniffed the air, then reached into a large borsa and pulled out the book Ash had been dreading...the handbook. Ash cussed under her breath.
Alice flipped to the very last page and Ash knew what it said:
"Ashlynn...who has Imprinted you?"Rafaello and Alice detto at the same time. Ash sucked in a breath. Rafaello death stared his daughter.
"Dad! It's not what te think! No one forced...
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This is how Ash sings...I considered it when I was watching Hercules. So anyway....the background people are basically Alice, Candi(ugh even she has feelings), and Candi's sister Imani
posted by sierradawn9
Name:Alice(Blade) Crystal Jinx
Species:vampire bat
gender: Female(NO DUH!)
powers:Monsoon,tsunami,inferno,ember,ignite,Chaos control,fire princess,chaos reverse,chaos spear,flame wheel,angel of darkness,devil of light,aura sight.
theme(changed):Angel of darkness
family:California May Jinx,Rouge the bat.
friends:Diva the Shadow cat,Zero the echidna,Mary the cat,Shadow the Hedgehog.

Alice was born on Mobius with her twin sister,Cali.Her parents were killed da an unknown man when she was eight.Her parents Friends diviso, spalato up the twins.Aliky the Echidna(Zeros mom) took Alice and Famina the...
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posted by Alicethebat
In the field......
Zero had on gardening gloves and was was wearing a flame retardant suit.Not because of me!Because the Krimson Dynamo might explode.Justin had explained the whole thing before we left.
"Hey Freakazoid,look at this."Zero said.
"Nuh-uh.I don't want it to explode in my face!"I yelled."I was talking to the other Freakazoid"Justin walked over."Yep!Ash it's not gonna detonate!This stupid thing is scared of Zero!""Then that thing really is stupid"I said.Zero laughed mockingly."You should be the THING scared of me!"he said.My fingertips glowed arancia, arancio and I narrowed my eyes."Hey hey...
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posted by sierradawn9
 Usually, Venetia --Satsujin's Chao-- would pick a song for Satsujin to sing. One giorno thought, Ven wrote a song for Satsu and told Shendu to be listening...
 Satsu's eyes scanned the lyrics. 
 "Venetia, why--"
 "CHAO!!!!"That was Venetia's way of saying: te WILL SING IT AND te WILL LIKE IT!!
 Satsu flinched from her Chao. She cleared her throat and began to sing, unaware of Shendu listening.
  I've been tortured,
Most of my life,
Struggled in the darkness,
Bring me to the light,
They all knew te loved me,
They all knew I loved te back,
You made up for what he lacked,
Kiss me,
Kiss me,
Call me...
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Name:Faesyti (pronounced Fay-see-tee)
Gender: female
Goddess of: Death
Object(s) held sacred: Roses, tombstones
Sacred places: cemeteries 
Relationships: Mephaestys (twin brother), Satsujin Higashi (friend and comrade), Shendu Rumane (alliance), Humatzu (boss), Leah (Faesyti's little freakshow), Florince (top gate guard)


Gray chinchilla with an extremely long braid, cloudy red eyes with no pupils, and a hole in one of her ears

She wears a dark accappatoio, vestaglia with a pentagram on the chest, and she has a scythe she carries around


Name:Mephaestys (pronounced...
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posted by sierradawn9
Ash shot out of bed, panting. She calmly looked around her bedroom. No robotic eyes to be seen. Just Kalona sleeping on a recliner, snoring like a drone. 
 That might have been the strangest nightmare Ash ever had.
She was looking into a mirror. Something was... off. She looked closer at her face. 
 The eyes. Definitely the eyes. They were multi-colored and robotic. The pupils shrank as if it was a camera focusing.
 The mirror image stopped being a mirror image. It reached up towards Ash. Ash jumped back before it could grab her. She could hear whiiir! sounds coming from the image that...
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posted by BlackRoseLove

~*Alice to Ash*~

Life Starts Now~
You've Done All The Things That Could Kill te Somehow~
And You're So Far Down~
But te Will Survive It Somehow~
Because Life Starts Now~
love te honey!

Ash Black likes this

Ash Black said:Awww! <3 U mom!

Rafaello Black said: As do I Alice...

~*Kalona's  Info*~

Son:Rephiam Ayelinski

Kalona is in a relationship with Ash Black

Interests: te don't need to know.... Fucking stalkers...

Activities:... What goes here again...?

Favorite bands: Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Santana

Favorite books: The Gaia Manuscripts...
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posted by BlackRoseLove
As the yellow bus pulled up, Ash got out of the albero and ran up to where the bus stopped. She shifted her backpack from one shoulder to her back. Justin and Jr followed. 
 The bus was always chaotic, and had unruly kids throwing and dodging spitballs, paper planes, and wads of paper. 
Ash headed strait for the back-back seat. Her seat.
 Some punk had the nerve to sit in her seat.
 Ash frowned."Outta my seat,"she said. The bus started moving.
 The kid smiled."No."
 Ash growled."Out. Of. My. Seat, te moronic brat!"
 Justin saw this happening out of the corner of his eye. He got out of his seat...
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posted by sierradawn9
"Alice, te CANNOT sposta to Romania! te CAN'T!"Diva tried to reason with Alice, who was taking the kids and moving to Romania. Anything to get away from the damned government that was on her tail, but that wasn't the only reason. Alice had been hiding a secret. She narrowed her eyes at Diva.
"I can and I will... Stop hounding me about this. I'm going and that's final."
Diva frowned."I Lost te once, I'm not gonna lose te again!"
Alice crossed her arms and rolled her eyes."You're not losing me if I move. You'll still be in close contact."
"I know--but...."
Alice growled in frustration. Diva...
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posted by sierradawn9
 The mountain was quiet. drake looked into the clear ball of memory he had stolen from Ash, and saw pain. At first, love, then pain. He looked away. 
 <No... I can't watch...>he thought.
 He sat cross-legged in a cave. His time-old eyes saw perfectly in the dark. He looked at his carrot-colored hair, which still had blue tips. He frowned.
 <Damn. What an animal I've become. I don't want it to be this way... I want them all to be happy... Not in fear... And now Safire is a dragon?> He stood, realizing what he must do. Find Constantine and ask for help. Ugh! He hated the thought...
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