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Here's Chapter 15 te guys. Enjoy

Magril's POV

Runt and I walked into the forest. I saw Runt was looking around for something. "Let's see if we can find a good albero for a beginner like you," he told me. We walked around for a albero of perfect. After awhile, we finally a albero that was not too short, but not too long. "Ok so this seems good enough," Runt said. "Ok first try to look for some spots where te can place your paws." I looked at the albero and saw some spots. "Found some," I told him. "Ok good now try to run up to the albero while placing your paws on the spots," he told me. With that, I ran up the tree.

Unfortunately, I forgot about my belly so it prevented me from running up further. I fell flat on my butt. I got up and rubbed it. I didn't fall far, but my behind still hurt. "Magril, are te okay," Runt asked me with lots of concern in his voice. "I'm fine, though I don't think my butt could say the same," I detto to him, "I guess I can't get better unless I lose this belly of mine," I stated as I poked my belly, causing it to bounce around. "No wonder King thought I was pregnant." I was starting to get a little depressed. Sometimes, I was really worried about my shape. It was because of my belly that I failed.

I pulled my ears down and started to whimper. Runt must have seen me because he immediately gave a warm hug. "It's ok Magril," he told me. "But how am I supposed to climb a albero when I'm blob," I told him. "How could you've want me as a girlfriend when I so far I had to roll." He placed his paw on my tummy as he looked into my eyes. "I dated te because I loved te for your personality," He told me. "I don't care if your bigger than the Rockies Mountains. I would climb te and nuzzle you, baciare you, and tell te how much I Amore you," he detto to me.

A tear of joy fell down my cheek as we both hugged each other. "Thank te Runt," I told him. Runt was such a kind pup. He wouldn't care how fat I was. He would Amore me no matter. "In order to continue our training, te might have to lose some weight," He said. "Not that your aren't cute with it," He proceeded to nuzzle my belly for a bit. "Well te were able to help me lose weight before, I bet te do it again," I said.

"Well the most practical thing to do is to run a few laps," He stated. We proceeded to run for a while. At first I was a little breathless thanks to my weight, but after a minuto I was able to catch up to Runt. After an hour, I had finally Lost all my added weight. "Sweet, I finally thin again," I detto shaking my slim butt. "Great now we can restart the training," Runt said. I kissed him on the lips. "Thanks coach," I told him. We nuzzled again for while before heading back to the tree.

Once we arrived at the tree, I gave it a secondo try. I did the same thing from before but thanks to my weight loss, it ended with better results. I found myself on the albero branch. "Magril te did," Runt happily detto to me. He was jumping around and wagging his tail. "Hey te two," I looked down and saw Agnes and Brent. "Hey Runt, ciao Magril," Brent asked. "Hey Magril, what are te doing up there?" "Well Runt was teaching me to climb trees like him," I told them. "Umm Runt da the way, how do I get down," I asked him. "Just slide down carefully," He said. I slid down and got on the ground safely. "Ah, I see te both Lost all that extra weight," Agnes commented. "Yeah thanks to Coach Runt's training," I told her. Runt and I began to nuzzle.

"So te two really are dating," Agnes said. "Yeah we had our first data a few nights ago. It was truly magical," Runt detto as we kissed each other. "D'awww," we heard Brent say. "We were hanging out with Runt's siblings and some other pups," Agnes told us. "They were all talking about something called the Moonlight Howl." We weren't surprised that pups were talking about the upcoming event. Most of the pups were now old enough to go there. "Yeah it's happens during every full moon," Runt told them. "I heard that couples go their to sing together," Brent said. "Yeah we're actually going there," I said. "It's in two days from now." "That sounds awesome," Agnes stated.

"Oh da the way, what were te two doing here," I asked them. "Well after we finished playing with the other pups, we started to get hungry," Brent said. "And since this is one of the few places that has non-fermented berries, we thought this was the best place to go," Agnes said. Both of their stomachs grumbled. "Well catch te guys later then," Agnes detto as they ran off. "I think we should head back now," Runt detto to me. "It's starting to get dark." We then ran towards Runt's den. "Oh Runt da the way thanks for teaching me today," I told him. "Maybe we can have some private time in the trees sometimes." "Yeah that would be great," he said. "Hey maybe tomorrow we can work on our howls for the Midnight Howl." "That's actually a good idea. I really can't wait for it," I said.

We got back to Runt's home as we saw our parents talking to each other as they saw us. "Oh ciao te two," Dad detto to us. "Hey Magril, te Lost all your belly fat." "Yeah te can thanks Coach Runt for that," I told them. "Hmm Coach Runt. Has a nice ring to it don't ya think it," Runt's dad commented. "Yeah it does. Oh how did your training go," Kate asked me. "It went well," I said. "I was actually able to climb a tree." "That's great honey," Dad said. "Me and Runt's parents were actually talking about it and we wanted to see if te wanted to sleep here tonight Magril," My dad added. "Really thank te daddy," I detto hugging him. I can't believe I was going to sleep in my boyfriend's family tonight.

Runt's POV

My parents and Nars just told us Magril could sleepover at my tana, den tonight. I was really excited because some time with Magril and my family. She could get to my parents più a lot more. Believe o not, Magril didn't know a lot about my mom and dad. It was awesome that Magril was actually going to spend some time with them. "I'll see te tomorrow sweetie," Nars detto bending down and baciare Magril on the forehead. "Bye," he added. "Bye dad and tell Fleet I detto goodnight," Magril said. "Don't worry I will." He then left for the Northern Pack. I could tell that Magril was really excited she could sleepover at my tana, den tonight. "Oh Runt, your brother and sister are in the tana, den talking a nap. Don't worry Marcel and Paddy are in there looking after them," Mom said. "So maybe we could take a walk around the pack for a while." "Sure," Magril and I replied. With that the four of us walked around the pack for a bit.

Magril never really was familiar with the Western Pack before. She never really came here aside from visiting our tana, den to play with me and my siblings once in a while. I remembered when Fleet slept over our tana, den a few days after the Games. Mt dad was starting to calm down after being overprotective. During the sleepover, my dad apologized to Fleet and Magril for how he acted before. They both forgave and Fleet detto he understands that my dad probably thought Fleet would act the same way as Nars before. Ever since then, my dad became a lot less overprotective of my sister being with Fleet.

We bumped into Uncle Mooch and Aunt Candy. "Oh ciao Mooch, ciao Candy. How's it going," Dad asked. "Good. Oh ciao Runt. How's it going," Uncle Mooch detto tussling my hair a little. "Everything's good Uncle," I told him. "So this must Magril," Aunt caramelle said. "It's nice to meet te honey," caramelle said. "You too," Magril replied. "So are te and Runt te know," Uncle Mooch asked. "Yeah we are. In fact, we had our first data last night," I said. "That's great kid," Mooch said. "Yeah, I'm actually sleeping over his tana, den tonight," Magril said. "Must be great sleeping with your girlfriend Runt," caramelle said. "Yeah," I told her.

Mom and Dad told me about how Uncle Mooch and Aunt caramelle were thinking about having pups. They both detto they were definitely going to have some, but they don't know when exactly. Mooch and caramelle wanted to become più responsible Lupi before they could have puppies. If so, that would add one più couple expecting to be parents soon. I really loved Uncle Mooch and Aunt Candy. They were really good family friends. Before when me and my siblings were younger, the two of them would pup-sit us. The three of us would bounce on Mooch's belly like those things humans call trampolines. It would tickle him a bit. And Aunt caramelle would tell us bedtime stories and my sister out with her hair. Normally, we'd be asleep before our parents got back home. We would curl up close to them like we'd do with our parents.

"Well it was nice talking to te guys and meeting Magril, but we better head home," Mooch said. We all detto our goodbyes and continued walking. "Hey Magril, would te like to meet Runt's grandparents," My dad asked. "Okay," Magril replied enthusiastically. Oh boy, I really wanted to introduce my grandparents to Magril. They were both happy that she was my girlfriend now, but they've never met her before. After my parents became pack leaders, Grandma and Grandpa moved to their retirement den. It was a medium sized tana, den near a river. Sometimes when our parents had to work on pack issues, they'd drop us off there. We always had a great time with them. Grandma Eve would tell us fairy tales about how humans and beasts actually lived in harmony together a long time ago. Grandpa Winston told us about when him and Grandma Eve first became pack leaders.

I remembered one time they talked about when Grandma was pregnant with Mom and Auntie Lilly. One giorno a lupo came into their tana, den and Grandma Eve nearly ate him. Luckily, Grandpa Winston came to the tana, den with two caribou. Grandma ran towards the caribou and devoured them. The lupo luckily came out alive and only a few patches of pelliccia were missing. We all laughed at that story. We all arrived at the retirement tana, den and saw Grandma and Grandpa. "Oh ciao everybody. We didn't expect te guys to visit," Grandma said. "Sorry Mom but we wanted to introduce te guys to Magril," Mom said. "Hi there it's nice to meet you," Magril said. "It's nice to meet te too honey," Grandma Eve said. "It's great to meet my grandpup's girlfriend," Grandpa Winston said. "It's our honor to meet you." He extended his paw to her. She proceeded to shake his paw.

After an ora of talking, we all left and detto our goodbyes to each other. "Well I'm pretty Stinky and Claudette are awake da now," Dad said. "We better head home now." It took us a few minuti to get home as we saw my siblings talking with Marcel and Paddy. "Oh te guys are back," Marcel said. "Thanks for watching over the pups te guys," Mom said. "It was no trouble at all," Paddy said. "Oh hello there Magril. It's nice to see te again." "Hi Paddy," Magril detto hugging him. He embraced her hug. After they were done, Magril looked at Marcel. "Hi there," she detto to him. "Hello to te too," Marcel said. "It's pleasure to meet te Miss Magril," he added taking her paw and baciare it. Magril proceeded to blush immensely. "Well we better off now ta ta," Paddy detto as the two of them flew off. "Hey Magril," Stinky and Claudette said. "Hey guys," she replied. We then entered our den. I wonder how this night will go.

Ok so that what Chapter 15. I hoped te all enjoyed and is any here an expert at tarot cards and the Major Arcanas. I really need help just PM me. See y'all tomorrow.

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