Amy & Rory Why Amy and Rory?

Disaster posted on May 22, 2010 at 08:56AM
Feel free to discuss why do you like Amy and Rory =)
 Feel free to discuss why do te like Amy and Rory =)

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più di un anno fa Dearheart said…
big smile
Why Amy and Rory? Because True Love goes deeper than thrills and adventure. True Love sees bravery in fear, extraordinary in the ordinary, and diamonds in the very roughest of the rough. True Love doesn't care if you're the bravest, or the strongest, or the smartest or the most good-looking. It overlooks all those outward appearances and holds on to what's really underneath.

And that is why I love Rory and the relationship he and Amy have. They don't need aliens or space travel to find adventure, because their love is an adventure all by itself. And while Rory is an ordinary, clumsy guy and may not be as brave or clever as the dazzling Doctor, he has a heart of gold and his own, quiet strength about him. His love for Amy is his strength, his courage; and Amy's love for him is what gives her purpose and brings out the best in her.

On a lighter note, they're pretty darn cute together. And they're totally canon. And the Doctor totally ships it. =3

So yeah...Amy/Rory 4EVA!!! <333
più di un anno fa rhiannonxx said…
Totally agree :-)