Andy Warhol Where do te think Andy Warhol's inspiration came from?

ginge16 posted on Jan 17, 2012 at 07:23PM
For my extended project in college I am creating a piece of pop art in the style of Andy warhol combined with Roy Litchenstein. It apears to me that Andy Warhol got a lot of his inspiration sub-concioiusly or from general experiences around him , he craved the attention from others and relied heavily on himself as inspiration. As part of my research into the artist I am hoping do develop my knowledge on what I believe really did inspire him. Where do you think his inspiration came from? Your opinions would be muchly appreciated, thankyou.

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più di un anno fa Fish513 said…
eBay is now auctioning a book from 1960 called Best of Children's Books, where Andy Warhol illustrated a story called "Sophocles the Hyena". It's like no other Warhol work you've ever seen before! Maybe the answers for you are in that book.
più di un anno fa ginge16 said…
Thankyou i'll check that out :')
più di un anno fa lizpopart said…
I am a big fan regarding Andy Warhol, and have been around a lot of galleries that showcase his work, and it is fantastic!
I personally think that his artwork reflected what he saw through his own eyes, therefore he was inspired by his own life. He wanted to show real beauty and as you probably know already he is very individualistic. Obviously his early experiences affected his artwork and I think he really opened the doors to modern art.
I hope your project goes well and if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask me. I hope I helped you :)
P.S link is a good website that I have personally used.