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k9hatake posted on Apr 24, 2012 at 10:08PM
So if you look at my profile it clearly states that I am too young and stupid to say this stuff but its how i always talk. Deal with it.

Now lately I have been facinated by the mythiacal creatures. Right now it's unicorns I have been facinated by. And after doing a little reading, I have come to the conclusion of yes. Please allow me to explain myself. I have found out that the real or original unicorn was depicted as a goat much like our modern day devile was. Now after our imaginenations take over the truth we have the beautiful white stallion with a single magestic horn that it usees to weild its powers for good. This next bit of evedinc can swing you either way though. Now lets say you follow the origional unicorn (the goat with one horn). There are goats that have a "mutation" that causes them to have a single horn, thus the unicorn being real. Now for the horse. I have read some pretty convincing articles about horses being born with a bone mutation that causes their skull to split upward thus making a unicorn. and I have sen horses that have a "bone bump" so to call it. Basically the horse had some problem were the bone bumpe up. however not enough to make it breach the skin. Too suport the horse part even though they may look pure white, there is no such thing as a white horse. Don't believe me? try reading a bit hmm? It's good for you. Plus you may learn something. There you have it. Unicorns exist. I believe in both kinds. I also believe in the unicorn deer witch is a real provin eknoleged species.

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più di un anno fa Spottedpool said…
big smile
hahaha, great argument. I always knew unicorns existed. I just said that they were disguised as rhinos or norwals ( the fish with the horn)
più di un anno fa k9hatake said…
ha that's funny!