animali Agressive Turtles????

k9hatake posted on Nov 10, 2012 at 03:57AM
so i was wondering if anyone could answer a couple questions for me? i have two 4 year old red-eared sliders, a male and a female. they are in a 40 gallon tank at the moment. when they were younger (less than a year) they had a couple of incidents (like 2 or 3) where they bit each other. they quickly grew out of that, however. this past summer we built a pond in our backyard for them which was deeper in depth but lengths wise not much bigger infact maybe smaller than their tank now. the female is and has been for about a year now almost a foot long (based on the shell) and the male about eight inches (shell). when we brought them in for the fall they did great we even added three fish to the pond a week or two before we moved them. the fish are your average everyday feeder fish and aren't very small. the turtles haven't even attempted to chase them. i noticed about a week ago (and their behavior is well monitored since i'm always in my craft room where i am sitting right next to the tank) that they are turning aggressive toward each other. they started out just attempting to nip each other but just tonight they were actually hissing at each other (mainly the female is causing this) and Tuck (the female) bit Shelly (the male) an the arm and wouldn't let go. She was repeatedly biting the male's arm and wouldn't let up. i of course broke up the attack by smacking the glass. what do i do to stop this? my dad insists on giving one up but i have had them since they hatched and bought them as eggs from the breeder. one can't simply imagine the care and love i put into them and still do. i clean the tank fully every other week and everything else. i simply can't get rid of one not even to a friend or family member!!!! the worst i'll do is split the two in to different tanks. the only problem is i don't have enough room for another tank that size and nor do i have the money to buy another filter and everything else... i wish i had all the money in the world for them.. please give me your advice...

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