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crush2222 posted on Jan 04, 2009 at 01:56AM
im getting a chihuahua schnauzer mix and i need advice about personality and approaching him. His name is scooter and hes a puppy from pet haven.please help!

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più di un anno fa mrsblack_1089 said…
well when we got our puppy, he was a little shy but he warmed up to us REALLY fast! I'd say take a treat in your hand and hold it away at arms length, close to the ground. let him come to it and eat it, then gently scratch behind his ears. if he doesn't warm up to you right away, don't worry. He will. Good luck with Scooter!!
più di un anno fa starlit_night said…
Also, if he's scared, don't walk right up to him.... scared dogs are the most dangerous. Also, sit down, you appear smaller, and thus, not as scary.. (no offense, but from his point of view, people are big lumbering beasts) With a little work and A LOT of treats, he should be fine.... Don't worry if he's closer to one person in your family or is still afraid of strangers, it's natural, and as he gets older, he'll become more confident and brave. Wow, this is a lot of advice...... but I hope it helps.... Good Luck!