animali The petition to stop killing dogs!!!!

Atypical_Kate posted on Feb 08, 2010 at 04:26PM
This is a petition about killing dogs in South Korea.It's terrific what they do with dog's. We need to collect at least 1 million signatures , but now we have only 371900. So if you can pleas sign this petition and send it to yours friends.It won't take you much time but can change much .
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più di un anno fa Atypical_Kate said…
If link doesn't work write "uniteddogs petition" in google and pick first link. :)
più di un anno fa RPatt said…
i will i love animals more than my life and this is terrible that the die! i will help!!
più di un anno fa Atypical_Kate said…
Thank you. You 're great :)
più di un anno fa Tort14U said…
I signed this ages ago. Did you know that they also skin dogs alive in China? Pretty sick eh? I can not understand how the human race can do that to innocent critters like that. Makes me sad.
più di un anno fa boardtodeath10 said…
i signed it