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Here's the words to "Flat in Gay Paree" da Rita

Rita: (spoken)
Starlight, stella, star bright, I wish I was anyplace but this..

Rita: (singing)
There is a Flat in Gay Paree, sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza on a tree-lined avenue, no Gatti a la carrello on the menu,
not in my Flat in Gay Paree.

There is a chef of fine cuisine, he is a vegetarian, as he prepares a fine banquet, he says "Rita, you're my beloved pet."

I know a flat where I can nap,
sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza on a chair o in the lap,
I won't end up in a recipe,
not in my Flat in Gay Paree.
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I do not own Animaniacs. Animaniacs is copyright of Steven Spielberg, Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainment.

NOTE: If any of te don't know what a concavenator is, click link

Production on Dinosaur Disease, a comedy-adventure-fantasy film, had just begun on the 23rd of April 2011. The dinosaur wranglers had the dinosauri shipped to the studio via an order from ACME, the set construction staff was piecing together the dinosaur jungle, the omaggio guys were gathering the props, and the directors were constantly bossing some of the crew around.

Director #1: [to a omaggio guy] ciao you! Don't just slouch...
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Still There's te and Me-
Song da Rita
In the episode, Witch One (Season 1, episode: 62B)
Parody of "Beauty and the Beast"


Rita: (singing): "So long, Salem Mass.
time to say bye-bye,
I almost got drowned,
chased right out of town,
boy, did my pelliccia fly?
Boston, here we come,
home of beans and tea,
maybe they need pets,
don't take any bets,
Still There's te and Me."

Runt: (spoken): "That sure was pretty, Rita, hope we don't get sued."

Credit: Warner Bros. Studios and Animaniacs.
posted by AnimaniacsFan1
This is great,
this is perfect,
it's always the same thing with cats,
there's always some ignorant human assumin' we like to chase rats!

I'm gettin' real sick of this Stereotypical View!
We can't be controlled and we hate to be told what to do!

They misunderstand us, they can't command us!
We don't purr if we're not in the mood!
Humans believe that the animali Amore them but
all we want is their food!

I can't take this job, I won't work for
that slob anyhow!
I'm tellin' Runt that
it's over, we're leavin' right now!
I don't know what to say in the descrizione so I won't have one... opps
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Silly song about the presidents
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The theme song of Animaniacs
theme song
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Wakko's Wish-Hungarian Rhapsody
warner bros
cartoni animati
posted by aldrine2016
Hey, Aldrine2016 here. I present to te a new Animaniacs fan fic. It's a bit short so who cares? Anyway, enjoy and comment!

It was a typical day-off for the Warner Brothers (and the Warner sister!) in the water tower. Yakko was watching this bizarre, insane clip of a man with a banana in his ears (link) while his younger brother Wakko was listening to a hip-hop MP3 tune and burping musically at the same time.

Yakko: [watching TV; chuckles] That banana guy, complete with the high-pitched, British-esque accent never fails to make me laugh my bums off!
Dot: [bursts in] ciao Wakko!!!

This startled the...
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