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1. The pet girl of Sakarousu ( sorry if that's spelled wrong)
2. Toradora
3. Amore Chunibyo and other delusions!
4. Gj bu
5. Lucky star
6. mostra da rock
7. Haganai I don't have many friends
8. Place to place
9. Non non biyori
10. Madoka Magica

HIEEE PPL! And thank te for Leggere my superiore, in alto ten lista of Anime here. I feel this is all amazing Anime that te should definitely be watching. Ok so if u know the correct spelling of sakarousu then post it in the commenti plz. None of this Anime is ecchi o horror so sorry if u thought is
It was. The only dark and depressing one would be Madoka because of how tearjerking it is . I LITERALLY CRIED! So again thank u for Leggere this and bye.
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Source: Ana (Author: Hirotaka Akagi)
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