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MarthaKent posted on Jul 11, 2009 at 05:54AM
What's your favourite quote from Martha or from the actress herself?
Mine is (from Annette O'Toole) - "The only bad thing is that Smallville is shot in Vancouver, and Michael and I live in L.A. So sometimes I feel like a Ping-Pong ball." and....
"We wrote "A Kiss At The End of the Rainbow" in an hour and a half. It was the second song we'd ever written together. Now I wake up every day with melodies in my head."
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più di un anno fa DoloresFreeman said…
(from episode "X-Ray")

Clark: If you could see anything, what would you do?
Martha: Learn to close my eyes.
più di un anno fa MarthaKent said…
Oh my god, that's a great one
più di un anno fa DoloresFreeman said…
Another great one:

(from episode "Metamorphosis")

Jonathan: I don't know. Seems kinda out there.
Martha: This coming from the man who's been hiding a spaceship in his storm cellar for the last twelve years.
più di un anno fa MarthaKent said…
LOL! That was great! I loved it!
più di un anno fa Saeshmea said…
My Annette's favourite quote is the one about the song making process... but it's taken... So I'm posting my Martha's favourite one: ;-)

From 4x01 "Crusade" (end scene in the hospital)

Clark - No, that's you Mom, because I don't know if I would have the strength to hold on three months not knowing where I was and Dad would pull through.

Martha - My father used to tell me life asks of you what it thinks you can handle. There were days when I thought it had asked too much. But then, I would think about this family and... all the things we've endured and the good things ahead of us. And I found the strength to keep going because I knew the three of us would be together again.
più di un anno fa DoloresFreeman said…
(episode "Fallout")

"It looks like Krypton gave us more than one hero."

(episode "Zero")

"Body parts in boxes and poisoned cows... this isn't normal. "