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RadioJack with Reita feat. Aoi (5th September 2008)  VKei_Addict 0 1077 più di un anno fa
GazettE : 1st Impression of Uruha  VKei_Addict 0 1462 più di un anno fa
Uruha & English  VKei_Addict 0 1356 più di un anno fa
HA??!!  VKei_Addict 0 989 più di un anno fa
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Aoi,Reita,& Host Girl  VKei_Addict 0 513 più di un anno fa
Aoi x Ruki [The GazettE]  VKei_Addict 0 545 più di un anno fa
Aoi [The GazettE]  VKei_Addict 0 378 più di un anno fa
The GazettE and their shocking experiences!  VKei_Addict 0 368 più di un anno fa
You've released 2 singles, Regret and FITB, so te guys can relax a bit, right? [Neogen YB 2006]  VKei_Addict 0 797 più di un anno fa
About Reita's fashion...  VKei_Addict 0 544 più di un anno fa
Pets~ [Neogen YB 2006]  VKei_Addict 0 457 più di un anno fa
What are te currently into right now? [Neogen YB 2006]  VKei_Addict 0 530 più di un anno fa
Aoi [The GazettE]  VKei_Addict 0 404 più di un anno fa
GUREN  VKei_Addict 0 664 più di un anno fa
lista of songs da Aoi. (The GazettE)  VKei_Addict 0 770 più di un anno fa
Are te concerned about environmental issues?  VKei_Addict 0 482 più di un anno fa
Your favourite artist?  VKei_Addict 0 486 più di un anno fa
What's the most reckless thing you've done?  VKei_Addict 0 595 più di un anno fa
About Reita  VKei_Addict 0 555 più di un anno fa
When meeting for the first time, what were your impressions of each other?  VKei_Addict 0 730 più di un anno fa
Amore  VKei_Addict 0 682 più di un anno fa
Aoi [The GazettE]  VKei_Addict 0 894 più di un anno fa