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Fic 9: link

The Snow King
Disclaimer: post S5 period AU. Everyone is alive, Morgana knows about Merlin’s magic and is a diminished villain.

Prompt: Merlin the sorcerer accidentally turns Arthur into a snowman. The cure? He must be kissed da his true love, Gwen. The problem? Morgana, a sorceress, has fun da multiplying the amount of snowmen to hundreds. Can Gwen find the right one before Arthur melts da the sun? True Amore must decide.

“Merlin, this isn’t working,” Arthur complains, the snowball disintegrating in his glove. Again. He tosses the remaining snow back on the ground as if he is...
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•James Callis and I wish there had been più of him.
•Cinematography was phenomenal

•Kilgharrah has family and adorable family too.

•The Druids make an appearance and I Amore them.

•The introduction of the Treiskelion (Celtic Symbol) it is about inoltrare, avanti motion (mankind’s that is). It is a dynamic symbol of growth, progression, war before tranquility…back to the darkest ora theme.

It is also the ancient symbol of the Trinity lolol. If te interpret it spiritually: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. If te do so symbolically: Love, Intellect, Power.

There is a holy Trinity in...
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Bradley James
Angel coulby
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What would have happened if Gaius weren't there... Clips from Episode 6, Season 4.
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