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posted by brunin2
Gale eternal: it is a technique that concentrates its Fubuki poderna ball spinning her legs and then he spins and kicks Fubuki tries to do this technique and get the strength but not the same because eternal gale is the technique of atsuya.

ground ice: it is a technique to steal the ball, first Fubuki jumps and spins in the air after stepping hard on the ground and freezes it also freezes who is with the ball and the ball flies and he dominates it with his chest.

legendary wolf: Fubuki is a technique that learns when he is released from atsuya first he runs and then jumps down and then kicks...
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posted by brunin2
My preferito Character is super eleven shiro Fubuki and so I will talk about his life.

Fubuki had a brother who was attacking atsuya rudi and he was impatient and he cares only to make gols.E while Fubuki Fubuki was quarterback and is quiet and shy and Fubuki thought I had a good team to have a good defense while atsuya thought had a good time to have a good offense, but his parents talked to the two together trabalhacem surely win.
A giorno after a game were leaving when an avalanche hit the car and threw out Fubuki Fubuki survived but atsuya and his parents died.Fubuki was then possessed da the personality of atsuyaquando catches the ball the technique is the eternal gale atsuya not the technique of Fubuki.

Thanks for reading, please write a commento on who is your preferito character?