Australia Rating needed here

DrDevience posted on Nov 08, 2007 at 08:22AM
I've rated every submission that was not my own in this spot... videos, links, and images.

There are a ton of things left unrated that I cannot do (my own submissions.)

You will not hurt my feelings if you rate honestly. Everything is not a 5. Some of those shots were taken from a moving car. I know this. I would just like to see them rated, period.

The more things that get rated, the more this spot will get featured on the front page, and the easier it will be for Google to grab them and draw more people in to Fanpop and this spot.

I did not make this spot. I do not live in Australia. But for some reason it is near and dear to me... I just love Australia. ;)

Many thanks to those who have been rating and commenting. You rawk.


Australia 4 risposte

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più di un anno fa kathiria82 said…
I am not part of this spot but if it makes you happy I will look at the images (I live for pictures) and rate my heart away. =)
più di un anno fa DrDevience said…
I love you.
più di un anno fa kathiria82 said…
Those pictures were gorgeous!
più di un anno fa DrDevience said…
Thank you. you are awesome ;)