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posted by stellamusa101
 " I know alright, I know."
" I know alright, I know."
Katara : Stop it! te don't know what's waiting for an evil person like you!
Azula : I know alright, I know. *bends fuoco at Katara*
Katara : *hits a wall* Aahh!
Aang : *runs to Katara* Katara!
Katara : I'm fine, Aang. I'm fine.
Azula : te better not mess with me!
Zuko : I guess this means war.
Azula : You're right, Dumb-dumb.
Zuko : te better...
Azula : I am.. *bends fuoco to Zuko*
Zuko : *runs* Haarh! *bends fuoco to Azula*
Sokka : Okay, te two fight each other, while we just sit down and watch!
Toph : *laughs* You're funny.
Suki : Azula, te better---
Ozai : Should I? *bends fuoco to Suki*
Suki : *hits...
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posted by Spottedtail139
" Ayla!" Aang started but we both knew that he was the avatar

and he and Katara need to learn Waterbending and I could

teach it to them I was only 10 but I was still taller than Aang I

could pass as a 14 years old." Ok let's start" I detto Frist I

showed them how to pull the water, then I showed them to make

a big wave. Aang wouldn't do the Waterbending skills because

he's a baby and doesn't what Katara to know he's the Avatar.

" Wow thanks Ayla!" Katara detto happy with the skills she had

learned. " Your welcome" I said.

" Gran Gran doesn't know we're out here let's go to the village"

Katara said....
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posted by greenstergirl
"I cannot believe this!" katara detto happily as she applied eyshadow to toph's face. "Your actually wearing a white dress, makeup, and a rosa fiore in your hair!!!"

It was Toph and Aangs wedding day, and Katara (the brides maid) was dressing Toph up, even though toph didn't like it.


"Makeup isn't all bad toph! I wear it all the time even in my kioshi warrior outfit" detto Suki. Suki and Sakaa had benn marriad for 5 years. Now they had a young daughter named Iris, whom was the fiore girl, even though she was only 4. Katara and...
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posted by gwevin12
(The Scean Zuko's bedroom at the palace 7 years arter Sozin's Comit.) It was eight A.M. and Katara and Zuko were just waking up. Katara opened her eyes and looked around Zuko's room taking in the memory of what happened last night. "Good morning" Zuko detto with a yawn. Katara still in his arms looked up and then ripped away from him. " So we did make Amore last night". Katara said. "Yeah" Zuko detto in a dreamy way leaning to baciare her. Katara pulled away. "Oh no!". Katara detto as she reached for a red accappatoio, vestaglia and put it on. "What's wrong?" Zuko asked getting out of letto and putting on his robe....
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