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 Zuko vs Azula
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posted by Brandon1996
Setting: During the Promise (The L.A.B. WORLD)

"Please, Aang! te made me a Promise!"
"NO! Zuko te know very well i can't do it!'
Katara stood near da watching them argue back and forth.
"Both of te stop arguing! Zuko te know te did what te had to do, what te believed was right!."
"But Katara, i acted as if my father would have, i broke my promise i won't let the Avatar brake his, Aang NOW!"
"Fine...i...i'll do it" Aang was unsure of him self but even Roku detto he had to stick to his promise. A tear rolled down his...
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posted by bobos
Zuko isn't a bad guy,
he's just confused and angry and wondering why his life is so hard.
he sees one hope and clings on to it desperately. He is obsessed with himself, but yet he cares about his uncle.
His quest is hard.

is the 16-year-old exiled prince of the fuoco Nation and original antagonist of the series. He is determined, strong willed, and never shows weakness, but once te get to know him, he shows his più sensitive side (mostly in the third season). Due to events in Zuko's past, his father, fuoco Lord Ozai, deems him a complete failure and burns his face (leaving him with his trademark...
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posted by greenstergirl
With my eyes glowing blue and a burst of electric power filling every inch of my body I was vulnerable. But I wasn't scared. And anyway, I wasn't about to kill this girl, that would be a bit violent. So instead I froze her in a gigantic block of ice and earth bended it all the to my house's back yard. We needed some domande to be answered.

After I texted Sam to come help me I tried to heal Aang with my water bending. I had always had trouble with water bending. It was my opposite element. I hated it. Ice.....snow.....water....they are such cold forms. They put out fires. They have no life....
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da Antoine Bandele
da Kato
Avatar the last airbender
toph beifong
the blind bandit
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