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5. Opal

To be honest I'm not a huge Opal fan however I don think she's a pretty girl. She's only at 5 though because I think she's più cute than pretty. I think her eyes are really pretty, a nice shade of green. And I Amore her hair, I like short hair.

4. Eska

Much like I detto in my superiore, in alto 5 prettiest Avatar girls; I have a thing for the darker più Gothic look. I Amore Eska's eyes, they are a very pretty shade of blue. I also Amore her blue makeup, blue is a great color. :3 Believe it o not I actually do really like how her makeup is styled in the above image, even though it's the product...
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Pfft!! Bolin! XDD
legend of korra
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As we all know in the most resent episode Asami pulled a Korra and kissed Mako on an impulse. There will inevitable be a lot of comparison between this baciare and the infamies baciare between Korra and Mako in "THE SPIRIT OF COMPETITION". I'm gonna get ahead of the game and do an official compare and contrast.


Here are the to kisses side da side. On first glance they look very much alike the obvious difference is of course the situation.

Situation #1: KorraxMako

Mako is in a relationship with Asami. Korra confesses her feeling for him and he tells her that it isn't going to happen. However he later...
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Air Temple Island

Everyone (except for Asami who is working on the sato mansion) was outside of korra's bedroom waiting to see if korra is okay.

"Daddy,is korra going to be okay?",Ikki asked tenzin while sitting successivo to jinora."Of course",Tenzin detto trying to reassure everyone, after he detto that three healers came out.

"Avatar Korra will be fine",one of the healers detto as everyone sat down relived.

"What happened to her,then?",Pema asked suspicious.

"Giving so many people the bending caused a lot of pain to herself.Good thing she stopped when she did o else the consequences would have been...
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Ok before I say my reason to why I hate Asami. This is my own opinion. This way be hurtful to Asami fan but I'm not saying it to attack Asami fans. I'm typing this because I read a commento that pumpkinqueen detto I only hate Asami for her looks. And that is not true. I have many reasons why I don't like her.

When Asami had first came on in ep 4. When she was riding on her motor thing. I thought she was one of the evil characters. But than she wasn't. But when she started to talk to Mako and data him. I was all angry. I always been a fan of Korra and Mako together. But that's not the only reason...
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Don't get me wrong, I did like the finale however there was one thing that annoyed me più than anything; that they didn't redeem Kuvira. Again, don't get me wrong her actions were not da any means in the right but I do think there was a lot of room for her to be redeemed. Sorry if this articolo is poorly written, I'm kind of watching Divergent as I type. :P

First and foremost, Kuvira, started out as a really good person. She, in the beginning was one of the people to help save Korra when the Red Lotus attacked Zhao Fu. She also saved Korra's father's life. My point is, she was good once, she...
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I have a very hard time liking Korra. I find her to be stubborn, selfish, irrational, overly aggressive, pigheaded, immature, and obstinate. This lista of adjectives can keep going, but I digress.

When LOK started, I was somewhat excited for a female avatar; my feminist side was all for a powerful female lead that would lead the Avatar world to a time of peace. However, to my dismay, Korra was a strong and powerful character, but her other characteristics and personality flaws overthrew her potential as a character.

In Book 1, Korra basically does whatever the hell she wants because "she is...
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